Sitting in a bar in Ethiopia with my Brother when he pulled out his key chain. On it was the Swiss Key he and I had bought two years ago at the mall. We started talking about how useful it was and we got to talking about all of the different places and different uses between the two of us.

Across the planet this thing has traveled safely on our key chain without incident with customs or security. Here are just a few of the places and a few of the uses between the both of us.


General Housework to include the installation of a TV.
Bottle opener once
Bottle opener twice


Used the knife edge to shave the fuzzy balls off a sweater.


Used to scrape out deeply and painfully embedded thorns

Ortega Hwy

Used to cut and modify climbing rope and anchor points

Used to open Mountain House pouch – Beef Stew


Fix a pair of glasses

Install a surfboard fin

Install RAM in a computer

Bottle opener once

Bottle opener twice and more


Impress the Federal Police

Remove a fishhook from friends flesh

Lose swiss key to federal police


So where have you used it?


With the utili-key, you can open bottles, packages, letters, and most screws
Polished stainless steel finish
Multiple screwdrivers, including a flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and micro-sized screwdriver
Also includes a bottle opener, straight blade knife, and serrated blade knife
Light weight and small size makes it a great gift