If you are looking for the one thing that might make a whole lot of difference yet is portable enough to carry around with you all the time, then this is for you. The Swiss+Tech BodyGuard PTX is a 3-in-1 rescue tool designed to be carried as a pendant. Just attach it to your car keys and it will be there if you need it.

I have been carrying the Swiss+Tech tool for quite a while and I find it very useful. At first, one can think of it as a bit bulky. But with a weight of just 2/3 ounces, I find it quite phenomenal. You should think about the fact that it is either going to be carried in your pocket, lying on the desk or swinging down freely from your car’s ignition. The bulkiness comes from a small flashlight that is a permanent feature of the tool. I find this add-on very useful as it lets you justify the money spent on the Swiss+Tech tool. Rather than just having a glass breaker and a strap cutter (like some other tools of this kind) the extra flashlight (which is very bright) can be utilized for various tasks. Like inspecting your car day and night. This does give you a handful of possible uses for this tool other than it being just a salvation for a disaster that might never occur.


Bright, single LED, push-activated by a button located in the upper part of the tool. NOT watertight but I’ve had no issues to date with that. Useful for a variety of tasks.

Strap cutter:

I sometimes find different tools that have these as a major selling feature. Unfortunately the end result is often far from satisfactory. Not so with the strap cutter on the BodyGuard. This thing can slice through a strap, seatbelt or thin para-cord with ease. Naturally you should consider this part of the tool one-use only! As with the Para-Rescue tool with your parachute, you technically should not use it more than once, to be sure you have the maximum sharpness for the time you might actually need it. Definitely don’t use it as an everyday cutting tool as you might regret it in an emergency situation.

Glass breaker:

Easy to use, spring-loaded glass breaker. Works every time. Just put it against a window and push until it releases a punch that will crack the glass.

Swiss+Tech Price:

Available on Amazon for around $7!

Swiss+Tech BodyGuard PTX 3-in-1