The unvalued indifference that individuals used to cast a negative opinion upon prepared persons is slowly evolving into an understanding that we are encapsulated in an ever more turbulent society.  Bad shit happens, It is a part of life; be prepared. Enter the T3 Active Shooter Kit. This vehicle or home-based body armor solution is the functional armor solution created by T3 Gear.  

The Armor system is everything the user needs without compromising threat- protection levels and load-carriage capability. The Kit features four key components: The carrier itself, the plates, the kit bag, and the unique kangaroo insert. The carrier itself is constructed of 500d Cordura and is blazoned with ample MOLLE real estate and well as loopback velcro. The carrier also features spacer mesh backing for comfort. The Shoulder straps are adjustable as well as adorned the routing tabs for hydration hoses or comms wires. Side adjustments buckles are dual-sided and allow for a snug fit. 

The plates within the systems are Hesco 4400 LV4 plates. They are 10×12 and they are a bit on the heavy side (almost 8 lbs each) The weight can be forgone nuance under the aegis that these plates can provide for the user.


Stand-Alone – No soft armor or padded backer required

Special Threat Multi-Hit Rated:

  • 3 Hits of 7.62mm M80 Ball
  • 6 Hits of 5.56mm M855 or M193
  • 6 Hits of 7.62x39mm

NIJ 0101.06 Certified and Listed


 Threat Profile:

  • All Handgun Threats
  • All Shotgun Threats
  • 5.56mm NATO M193
  • 5.56mm NATO M855 “Green-Tip”
  • 7.62x39mm Ball
  • 7.62x39mm Steel Core
  • 7.62x39mm API-BZ
  • 7.62mm NATO M80 Ball
  • 7.62x54r – L
  • 7.62x54r – LPS Steel Core
  • .30-06 Jacketed Soft Point (JSP)
  • .30-06 M2AP “Black Tip” Armor Piercing


Author – Ross R. is currently serving in the US Military Special Operations community.