I recently finished up some initial testing of the TAB Gear Long Action Mag Pouch (LAMP). This will be a quick look as opposed to an in-depth review, due to the fact that in order for the full review to be completed, it must pass the final test: something I think our readers will enjoy. The final testing of the LAMP will take place in the Middle East in the hands of some of our nation’s finest.

For now, I can give you my initial feedback of the product and some of the testing I have personally put this gear through.


For those who have an assortment of rifle magazines with various sized magazine pouches, the days of changing the gear out for the mission needs are over. The TAB Long Action Mag Pouch will accommodate the shooter’s magazine-size variations with ease, as well as keep the magazines secure using the easily replaceable 1/8″shock cord. The shock cord can be adjusted to secure the variation in magazine sizes and is quick to release and secure; no more of the loud Velcro sounds as you go to retrieve a magazine, something I hated as a sniper overseas.


From what I could test here on my end, the LAMP is stout and rugged. If anything were to fail on the pouch, as is the case with any piece of gear, it would be the shock cord (which is replaceable). I will update the durability section as soon as I get the in-depth feedback from boots on the ground in harsher conditions. From the weathering, weight, and extension repetitions that I have done over the course of time that I’ve had the product, I can definitely see the cord lasting for a few of the deployments that I have done.


On a few personal occasions while deployed, my sniper team would run a variety of magazine sizes to fit the missions needs. My spotter would often carry the standard 10-round .300 Win Mag. magazines, as well as the extended version. Due to the standard magazine pouches we used, my spotter would have to change out magazine pouches in-between missions, back and forth, back and forth, etc.

The LAMP allows the shooter to use the same pouch and fit a variety of magazines. If you want to run a “short magazine” for your rifle one day, you can simply adjust the built-in shelf, which takes less than a minute to set up, allowing you to fully access the magazine.  If you decide to run the “long magazine,” just reset the shelf to its original configuration. Here are a few magazines that the company has tested in the pouch. (Note: I used my standard military issue SR25 magazines while working with the product.)

  • P-Mag 7.62mm 20-round mag
  • Larue 7.62mm 20-round mag
  • M14/M1A 20-round mag
  • Alpha Mag 10-round mag
  • AI AW 7.62mm 10-round double stack mag
  • AICS 7.62mm 10-round mag
  • AICS 7.62mm 5-round mag
  • Sako 10-round mag

The magazine pouch can be worn on your kit (PALS or MOLLE), as well as on your belt for a lower-visibility setup.


  • The mouth of the mag pouch has been reinforced with a very stiff material that helps the pouch maintain it’s shape even when the mag is removed. It’s very easy for the magazine to be reinserted with one hand.
  • The pouch can be installed on anything that has PALS or MOLLE webbing.
  • Each LAMP comes with two Malice Clips for installation.
  • The LAMP can be threaded onto a regular belt, too.
  • The LAMP also has PALS loops on the front so pouches can be stacked.
  • Features secure built-in “Short Shelf” that won’t fail when using shorter magazines. No more having to insert foam into the bottom of your magazine pouch to keep the magazine from collapsing to the bottom of the pouch.
  • 1/8″ shock cord secures the magazines and is easily adjusted from long mags to short mags.

Bottom line

For a mag pouch that can fit the average competition precision-rifle shooter’s needs to a Special Operations sniper conducting operations overseas, I believe the Tab Gear Long Action Mag Pouch definitely holds its own.

Price: $45.00