I recently reviewed a product from a company that is designed for quick access to ammunition for the armed professional. The Tac-Tote Magazine Carrier is a phenomenal piece of equipment for anyone working in law enforcement, security, or the military.

The Tac-Tote STO is the big brother to the magazine carrier. It takes everything that made the product great and expanded on it to allow for even more ammunition storage. If you find yourself in a situation that requires an extended response to an adversary, you will find just what you need in the Tac-Tote STO.

Like the magazine carrier, the STO is equipped with industrial strength magnets that can allow it to be affixed to any metal object of varying thickness. It is recommended to use steel that is 1/8th inch or thicker. The STO is designed to be used in an industrial guard tower or defensive location made of thick steel.

Tac-Tote STO Review

Made of reinforced plastic walls, the STO is tamper proof against any individuals that shouldn’t have access to its contents. In addition to this, control seals can be used to deter access and keep an inventory of multiple bags at various locations. The seal is removed when the user gives it a hard pull from the flaps on top of the bag.

The STO has the ability to hold up to 15 magazines, depending on the configuration. You can insert 3 Tac-Totes, plus one single magazine, for a total of 10. If your organization uses Magpul or similar magazines, then it will hold a total of 13. Using the traditional USGI aluminum magazines will give you the option to hold 15 inside the bag.

Tac-Tote STO Review

An interesting feature is a rear panel that covers the magazines when the bag is closed. It utilizes thick interlocking layers that not only keep the magazines secure, but also adds extra security for the tamper-proof design. When the panel is opened to expose the magazines, it will stay open and out-of-the-way using an extra set of two magnets built into the material.

Tac-Tote STO Review

Tac-Tote STO Review

Inside the bag, there are three main compartments to hold your ammunition. MOLLE webbing on the outside of bag gives the user the option of holding various accessories, such as batteries, pens, flex cuffs, etc. If you find yourself transporting the bag, you can do so by either the reinforced handle or the shoulder strap, both of which are removable.

Tac-Tote STO Review

The possibilities for this bag are endless when it comes to the previously mentioned fields. Personally, I have utilized this equipment in my Jeep for trips to the range. Other uses from Tac-Totes website include:



  • Can be mounted on a Steel/Ballistic wall keeping Magazines off a shelf or the floor.
  • Can be mounted on an Armory wall for storage.
  • Can be mounted on an Armored Vehicle wall for easy access to magazines.
  • Design allows for hand carry or shoulder carry via the shoulder strap.
  • Easily transported to or from armored vehicles being placed in or out of service.
  • Easily transported to or from BRE’s being placed into or out of service.


  • Conveniently store inventoried ammunition inside armories.
  • Allows rapid deployment of bulk ammunition to tactical response vehicles.
  • Organized storage of ammunition and equipment inside a patrol vehicle.


The Tac-Tote STO is a piece of equipment that, like the magazine carrier, has the ability to save and protect lives, while prolonging the lethality of the person or group using it. The cost of the Tac-Tote STO is $195. It can be purchased, along with other products, from Tac-Totes website.

AuthorRodney Pointer is a former Army Infantryman. After graduating from Airborne School, he was ruthlessly assigned to Fort Polk, Louisiana to live out his days as a dirty leg. He served with the 2nd BN, 30th Infantry of the 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division. Following his deployment to Afghanistan, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Operations. He currently works as a nuclear security contractor.