I have recently added the TacLace to my Lowa Z-8S Gtx boots and I love it!

I remember in Afghanistan when I would spend some time-off wearing my flip-flops and we would get fired at in our Combat Outpost, I would immediately put my boots on so I could run and gun on the Hesco bastions and on our rooftop. If I had the TacLace back then, it would’ve been way quicker to get my boots back on.

With TacLace, my feet are kept solidly in place in my boots, and the laces remain tied while I go play in mountains, and while I am running or sprinting while wearing all my gear.

TacLace TacLace

According to their website, TacLace allows you to make those critical seconds count when lacing up your footwear. TacLace is an innovative new product whose patent pending approach to gearing up cuts down on potentially critical preparation time. No more tightening, tying, wrapping, tucking, loose laces, or discomfort. With TacLace, all you have to do is pull, cinch, and wrap and you are ready to rock!

Sure TacLace originated in a tactical atmosphere where seconds save lives, but it certainly does not define the limits for who can use it. The bottom line is, if you wear boots with a neck and laces, then you can use TacLace. It is designed to fit most any boot size, as well as lace length. Refer to the First Time Use Page for set up and options.

TacLace has been tested and reviewed by the U.S. Marines, entities of Marine Corps Systems Command, U.S. Army Soldiers, DoD Contractors, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It’s tried and true, so start your day with TacLace.

Here are two reviews from the TacLace website:

“I showed these laces to some stores I frequent and people are loving it. I always am running out the door last minute and these laces shave a lot of time off especially seeing as I have hand issues impairing my ability to lace my boots fast.  I give a 10/10 rating. A few cop buddies of mine said they ordered a set as well as a couple firefighter buddies. When I like something, I like to sharing it with people.” – A. Ganon, Customer 

“The time it takes to tie your shoelaces is probably so minuscule that you don’t even think about how you could make it faster. But for members of the military or others wearing lace-up boots, saving seconds on this piece of attire could be important in situations where they count the most.” – TheBlaze.com

You can buy TacLace here!