Sometimes you can see various trends in gear. Once a concept is developed, it is just a matter of time before a few distinct things happen:

1. The US adopts it – Mil, LE and civs buy the original in vast amounts.

2. China – makes a poor copy and sells it worldwide with Airsofters as primary clients.

3. Europe – buy the original even though the import tax and transport fees make the product cost more than twice what you have to pay in the US.

Poland however has for a number of years shown a unique property of take, make better and introduce to our own armed forces.

This time the trend hits what are commonly known as TACO magazine pouches. Originally designed by HSGI, they already have a good track record in all fields of possible application. In Poland two companies have sought to improve on this concept and provide an equivalent for the Polish Armed Forces, LE and civilians.

Meet the Red River Fastmag:
Meet the Red River Fastmagand the equivalent by SpecOps:

Meet the SpecOps FastMag

I have personally been running the Red River pouches for quite some time now, but I withheld the review until I will get a chance to do some work on the SpecOps ones. They are basically similar in design to the HSGI but there are some key differences that I am going to talk about once I will publish a comparison review. (Hopefully, SpecOps will be fast to fulfill my order and deliver the pouches soon.)

Until then, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Stay Safe,