TSSi has come out with a new TACOPS Active Response Bag designed for use by law enforcement responding to active shooters. The guys at TSSi did their homework and got quality input from police and training outfits all across America. The Active Response Bag is designed by pros to be configured by the user to meet individual needs. It can be carried and filled in a number of ways so that it can evolve with new tools and tactics. This is a sophisticated design made with the high quality we have come to expect from TSSi. If you are not a police officer, you probably need a bag like this even more.

Most people agree that a patrol officer needs to quickly access additional gear to deal with an active shooter. Investigators and plainclothes need it even more. If you make a list of things that might come in handy—rifle ballistic plates, extra magazines, medical supplies, water, breaching gear and lights—you will find that TSSi is way ahead of you and has built  a way to grab all of that with one hand and throw it on a shoulder strap.


With several strap configurations, the bag can be can be carried in back, in front, over the shoulder, or lower on a leg. With compartments for rifle plates, you can wear it across the front or deploy your plates in a minimalist plate carrier with police markings.


The bag has modular pistol magazine and water bottle pouches which can be moved for ambidextrous carry. The rifle magazine pouches have powerful rare-earth magnetic closures on flaps, so they are self-locking.


The unique high-visibility interior lets you quickly check the contents of the two large, collapsible internal pouches. There are plenty of elastic loops to keep medical gear and tactical equipment organized and easily found.

There is a center-mounted external pouch sized and designed to simultaneously carry shotgun shells, chemical light sticks, a flashlight, or anything else you need to get to fast.

I got my hands on one of these at SHOT show and took a long look. The stitching and zippers are all first rate; this bag is designed to be overloaded and abused. It will hold what you need today, and when your job or mission changes, you can pull everything out and start all over again. Stuff in your trunk isn’t useful unless you can find it when you need it. TSSi fixed that for you.

Get your TACOPS Active Response Bag here.

Suggested Retail Price: $119.99