Tactical Aiming Solutions was founded to do one thing: develop weapons sights. The T.A.S pistol sights are based on fiber optics technology with a hybrid tritium and fiber optic. Fast and accurate, day or night, these sights encourage both-eyes-open shooting (even if you need corrective lenses). T.A.S. fiber optic sights fit all Glock and Springfield XD models, and are available in green and red. No batteries needed!

The sight’s optical fibers and lens create an illuminated dot 2mm in diameter at the end of an aluminum tube. The tube is mounted at the rear of the weapon and parallel to the barrel. There is no front sight needed; the T.A.S. sight uses a single aiming point.

The single focal plane of the sight makes shooting with both eyes intuitive. Put the red “dot of death” on the target and the bullets will go there. Rapid-fire accuracy and target transitions are simple.


The sights install just like changing ordinary rear sights. Quick adjustment for windage can be made with a Torx wrench. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum 7075 and polycarbonate, and precision machined, the T.A.S. is rugged and accurate. The sight’s low profile means your gun will fit in nearly every standard holster.

The T.A.S pistol sights are available in two-dot and single-dot configurations, and in green or red options.

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