Currently, there are 23 individual states within the U.S. that have passed Stand Your Ground laws (NOTE: always check your local firearm laws). A Stand Your Ground law is a justification in a criminal case, whereby a defendant can “stand their ground” and use otherwise unlawful force without retreating, to protect and defend themselves or others against threats or perceived threats. Being able to follow a force continuum and respond with the appropriate tool or technique is extremely valuable. However, I think that by lowering and reducing your threat perception is truly the mindset to start with.

To keep steadfast with this month’s theme on lowering your perceived threat profile and blending into your environment by wearing the correct pair of trousers. The Tactical DistributorsStand Your Ground (SYG) Jeans were made for the low-profile action-oriented individual with right design for discreetly carrying an EDC load out. The SYG is ridiculously comfortable as it is based upon a 13oz super stretch denim fabric that provides the user with increased mobility, which is extremely important when you must act quickly and explosively. Sometimes the decision requires access to tools and the all-important features of any low-profile pant, to ensure that your every-day-carry kit can be worn without drawing attention.

The Tactical Distributors – Stand Your Ground (SYG) Jeans

The SYG Jean has 10 pockets in key positions around the pant to accommodate left and right-handed shooters. These pockets are designed to support knives, multi-tools, pistol mags or AR-15 30 round mags; the pant has a hidden seam behind each back pocket. Simple design elements like 2” wide belt loops to accommodate most CCW belts or riggers belts. 2-ply front hand pocket so you don’t get your ring or watch hung up on your folding knife. My favorite aspect of these jeans is the double hidden front pocket for tools, where it can hide all the clips for your tools and be readily accessible to act. Additionally, for those of you that wear Appendix Inside the Waist Band or at the 3 O’clock position for IWB, the material allows for stretch, but not too much that the firearms rides sloppy.

The Tactical Distributors – Stand Your Ground (SYG) Jeans

Additionally, what you will like about this Jean is when you go into other parts around the world that has adopted the Jean wearing fashion, the material and colors of the SYG Jean blend very well to the surroundings. The tiny design nuances about the pockets and hemming looks like they come from that region (wherever that may be). I love this pant more than the Griffin created Jean, and a bit more than the Triple Aught Design jeans (coming soon). The only additions to this pant, would be a few hidden pockets or slots within the Jean to store E&E gear. See Clint Emerson’s 100 Deadly Skills books on EDC & Escape ideas as a start.

Additional Key Features of the pant not mentioned above include:

  • Standard Straight Leg Fit (Great for Combat/Hiking boot, or a pair of Cowboy boots)
  • Loop jean patch on the back to add motivation or survival gear if necessary
  • Zipper Fly (all important when wearing a firearm in the AIWB position)
  • Custom Shank button

The Tactical Distributors – Stand Your Ground (SYG) Jeans

Author – Rich Moore is a currently a Cybersecurity Executive and travels OCONUS frequently. He served 15 years in the Marine Corps in the following MOS(s) 0351 Infantry Assaultman, 8531 Primary Marksmanship Instructor, 8111 CRRC Coxswain, 8151 Marine Security Guard (Department of State, U.S. Embassy), 0291 Intelligence Chief. Besides his current work that is subsidizing his gear buying hobbies, he is also an NRA Instructor.