Tactical Tailor is probably one of the most respected tactical gear manufacturers in the world. They produce extremely high-quality gear used and respected by professionals worldwide. Their Active Shooter bag is designed for police and civilian needs specifically. The bag is relatively low profile and looks like a sling bag. It does come in a variety of colors and camo finishes popular with the tactical crowd. However, these colors and patterns have become mainstream enough no one looks twice.

Tactical Tailor Active Shooter Bag | First Look
MOLLE Everywhere

Fit and Function of the Active Shooter Bag

The bag’s main goal is to secure magazines, medical gear, and other tools and gear needed in a violent situation. It’s roughly the same size as an average laptop bag, and slings over the shoulder with ease. The inside of the main pouch is 8 elastic bands. These bands are the perfect size for AR and AK magazines. There is also two small pouches for knives, pistol magazines, or flashlights.

Like everything Tactical Tailor makes the Active Shooter bag is extremely well-built. There are sections of MOLLE on the front and rear of the bag, they are all uniform and the stitching is reinforced. The stitching over the entire bag is actually insanely well done. Everything is reinforced and feels extremely strong.


This is an excellent platform to store inside a vehicle for emergencies. The bag is rough and touch and feels like I could abuse the hell out of it. In the situation where you need a long gun the bag will effectively turn into a bandolier full of magazines of other necessary equipment. Personally I’m going to combine magazines, medical gear, a good light, and a solid knife. Having extra mags is always a plus, but I don’t see a situation where I need 8 of them.

I could easily see a situation where I could use a flashlight, a knife, and a-lot of tourniquets. It’s the bag you go to when you don’t have time to gear up and toss some body armor on. For me it’d be open trunk, grab gun, grab pack, and start sorting things out.

Tactical Tailor Active Shooter Bag | First Look
3 Mags, with room left over

Besides the main pouch, there are two pouches on the flap. These pouches are quite small and would be suited well for some very basic minimal gear. The MOLLE straps allow you add and customize to your heart’s content.

Tactical Tailor Active Shooter Bag | First Look
The Small Front Pouch

This looks like a fun piece of gear to take to the range, which I plan on doing soon. I’m also going to load it down with AR magazines, medical gear, and all the other goods I desire. Then, toss it the car and abuse it for a bit. Keep watching and we’ll see just how well in holds up. I’m sure it’s tough enough for gunfighters worldwide, but will it survive the dad car?