What exactly is a Bantam? Good question. I’ve heard used for a few different things in the gun and gear industry and finally decided to look into it. It turns out its a small chicken breed known for its aggression.  Seriously, Google it. It turns out that was a wise descriptor for Tactical Tailor’s compact pack. The Tactical Tailor Bantam pack is a compact, but aggressive backpack for when you don’t need a full rucksack.

Tactical Tailor Bantam pack: First Look

Inside the Tactical Tailor Bantam pack

This charming little pack has almost everything a full-sized tactical pack has, but it’s about 3/4s of the size. It’s designed for lightweight or low profile loadouts, or as a compact EDC bag. There is three different pouches and all three are lined with hook and loop for organizational ability. There are two obvious pouches in the front and one close to invisible pouch at the very rear. The bag has a mini pouch in the front as well.

Tactical Tailor Bantam pack: First Look
The Invisible pouch

This rear pouch is quite similar to the hidden pouch on my Tactical Tailor CCW bag. This little pouch is perfect for storing a handgun, or extra magazines for your EDC gun. The front pouch of the Tactical Tailor Bantam bag has a mesh pocket for those little goods you want to keep separate. The same mesh material is used on the sides of the bag to form little pouches perfect for water bottles, soft gear, and other accessories. The bungee straps across the front are great for holding jackets, sweaters and more.

Tactical Tailor Bantam pack: First Look

Bantam Bag Specs

Before we end our first look lets look at some quick specs for the Bantam bag.

Height – 15 inches
Width – 10 inches
Depth – 5.5 inches
Total Cubic Capacity – 825 inches

The bag is available in coyote, black, multi cam, and wolf grey. The zippers provide a nice depth for easy access to your goods. The straps are thin, but capable, and the rear of the backpack is surprisingly well padded.

We’ll be taking the Bantam bag through a short and hard life just to see what it can take, and what we have the ability to load into it. Stay tuned.