Tactical Tailor was started by Logan Coffey in 1998 after serving two enlistments in the US Army. During Logans time in the Infantry, he noticed that his Vietnam era issued gear was a little lackluster and needed modifications to be made more effective. After purchasing a used commercial sewing machine, Logan began modifying gear, designing bags, pouches and various accessories from his barracks room. After the Army, he settled in Lakewood, Washington and opened a manufacturing and retail shop. Hiring mainly military spouses and veterans, Tactical Tailor is now recognized nationwide for their high-quality soft goods. Tragically, Logan Coffey was killed in a car accident in 2008 but the employees of Tactical Tailor and Logans brother continue his mission. I recently had the pleasure of testing the Jetboil Pouch from Tactical Tailor.

Having lived in the greater Tacoma area through high school and again while assigned to the 2nd Ranger Battalion, I’m very familiar with Tactical Tailor. I’d often stop by the retail location in Lakewood on my way home from Ft. Lewis. And it was nice to witness the growth of this company. Especially knowing it was owned and operated by an Infantry veteran. Not only do they produce well designed and built products, but they’d be willing to fix existing gear too. And from any manufacturer. I always knew I could pop in and have a broken strap fixed or modified. Most of the time while I waited. Logan would say, “do what’s right, because it’s right”. And that’s what they did.

Roll down top and side clips

The Jetboil pouch is one of many well thought out pouches from Tactical Tailor. I didn’t even know I needed a pouch for my Jetboil until I was introduced to this product. Typically, I try to pack my stove and first meal just under the flap of my backpack. To allow quick access once I have the urge to cook something quick or need coffee. The Jetboil pouch has a pair of Fight Light Malice clips located on the back. Allowing attachment to the exterior of your backpack which in turn, frees up valuable space for additional gear on the inside. The roll down top design not only keeps dirt and debris out, but allows additional room for meal storage. Finally, two heavy-duty clips secure the top to the sides.

Tactical Tailor Jetboil Pouch details courtesy of tacticaltailor.com

  • Dimensions 16.5″ Tall x 15.25″ Circumfrence
  • Colors: Black, Coyote, Multicam, Wolf Grey
  • Attachment: 2 Fight Light Malice clips
  • Fits: Jetboil, Primus, MSR Windburner
  • Made in the USA
  • MSRP: $20.75
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