Halfway through the SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course), I realized I had effectively utilized the ubiquitous Army issued FLC (Fighting Load Carrier) to its utmost potential and was left wanting. I could not efficiently carry my loadout as well as all my necessary comms equipment comfortably.   The search was begun to uncover a more capable, effective, and moderately affordable replacement.  I landed on the Tactical Tailor One-Piece MAV with BIB adapter.

The Tactical Tailor MAV is not a new technology, but simple sells.  I’ve seen several of these rigs on the back end of multiple deployments and they’re still ticking.  This system boasts ample MOLLE real estate (18×3 columns on the main body, the BIB adds another 9×3 column). Using a bit of Google Fu, I was able to find the TT MAV and the BIB adapter for around $115 for both pieces of equipment.

The rig performed very admirably.  The TT MAV has outlasted two to three pouches that were attached to it. It is a fairly rudimentary design that does what it is designed to do: hold a decent amount of kit.  The MAV is constructed of 1000D Cordura and features 1.5-inch wide harness webbing.  The BIB extension was easy to attach and, for me personally, it was a needed addition if the user wanted to run an admin pouch or any other ancillary equipment at a higher chest level. The BIB, in essence, turns the TT MAV into a pseudo Rhodesian rig with a bit more MOLLE space.

A useful modification that I implemented was to attach an EOG 5 chemlight panel within the small map pocket of the MAV BIB.

Tactical Tailor MAV reviewed by an active duty Special Operations member

The only  two real deficiencies  with I have found with my MAV are :

  1. The amount of MOLLE often can lend to the trend of overloading with too much weight
  2. The 1.5 crossed Harness often bunches up in its guide and can be slightly uncomfortable

Author – Ross R. is currently serving in the US Military Special Operations community.