Weaponry comes in tiers. The tiers are often related to its concealment and its effectiveness, as well as where and when it can be carried. There is a purpose for a wide variety of weaponry, some more lethal than others, some easier to use than others, and of course some are just easy to carry. The Tactikey falls into the easy to use and extremely easy to carry group. The Tactikey is a simple piece of gear, a robust weapon, and something you can carry anywhere at any time.

Tactikey: Your Covert Defense Choice

What’s the Tactikey?

It’s a simple polymer handle that fits over the rear of any kwikset house key. This simple handle turns your key into an effective knuckle born tool. If you can throw a punch you can use the Tactikey. The Tactikey is designed to position the key between your knuckles and to be used as a striking weapon. This takes the old trick of sticking keys between your fingers and refines it.

Tactikey: Your Covert Defense Choice

It doesn’t allow the key to slip rearwards or twist when you strike an enemy. It holds the key steadfast and allows you to strike an opponent more than once without the key slipping out of your hands. The Tactikey allows you to strike an opponent over and over again without the key slipping or sliding, or worst hurting you.

Tactikey: Your Covert Defense Choice

Why Should you Carry One

You can carry the Tactikey anyplace you can carry keys. This includes planes, schools, and other often hard locked areas. In these situations, a gun or knife isn’t an option and you have to make do with what you have. The Tactikey is merely a polymer handle over a key, hardly illegal in any sense.

It’s a tool and weapon that’s impossible to leave behind. As long as you have your keys you have a usable and reliable weapon that can give you that slight edge in a fight. Most fights are over in a matter of a few blows, the Tactikey gives you a very small edge in a very important situation.

Tactikey: Your Covert Defense Choice

It is perfect for everyone. It’s perfect for the typical concealed carrier who already packs a gun, a knife, and likely a flashlight. This tool is great for the more casually minded person. It’s also perfect for your teenagers, who can’t carry a traditional weapon but are out in the world.

The Tactikey checks all the boxes to make its way into the Crate Club, its:

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Legal
  • Made in the United States

Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase