There are many sharpening systems on the market that offer serviceable performance in the $100-or-less price range. What I found is that in the more effective $100-$200 price range, while still affordable for everyday knife enthusiasts, most systems have a large margin for error in the angle and quality of your blade’s edge depending on the skill level of the person using it. Also, many knife sharpening systems in that range don’t offer optimal edge angles – most offering only a single angle with their system – typically 40-45 degrees.

The Wicked Edge GO solved many problems for me. First, it took the burden of holding the blade at the correct angle out of my hands (literally) with its vice. Even static angled sharpening systems allow for a lot to go wrong with how the user is holding their blade. The Wicked Edge GO ensures the blade is always being sharpened at the desired angle and allows me to choose the appropriate angle for specific blades – which affects sharpness and performance. It offers 1-degree angle adjustments between 15-30 degrees. The GO simply performs better than any sharpening system I have used to-date – particularly with knives had are made with better, harder steel. If I had a blade that had a factory edge that wasn’t at my preferred angle, there was no way my other sharpeners were going to correct it. With the Wicked Edge GO, I was able to get the right angles and then maintain the edge effortlessly.


The “GO” is constructed with 6061 T6 aluminum and stainless steel. It weighs 4.2 pounds and is 12” wide x 4” deep x 4” high. It can be stored in a very rugged and durable tool-roll (bag) that has compartments to store each component of the system, so you can keep it organized. It comes with 2 abrasive pieces with one side a 200 Grit Medium Coarse stone and the other side with a Fine 600 Grit Diamond stone. I also had acquired the Extra Fine 800 Grit and Ultra Fine 1000 Grit Diamond stones pack for an even better edge.

The system is comprised of a manually set ball-joint angle control with an L-bracket, a parallel-face vice with stainless steel inserts, a two-setting blade depth key for large or small knives, two 8-inch guide rods for the abrasive stones, and a C-clamp to secure it to your working surface. As the time-lapse video above shows, it is very simple to put together and it breaks down just as easily for storage. The process involves gently stroking the stone against the edge of the blade on one side until a burr is developed, and then doing the same for the opposite side. Once that has been achieved, you alternate strokes until you have the edge you’re looking for — working your way up to the finer grit stones.

The Wicked Edge GO system is capable of sharpening blades up to 15-inches in length with a maximum width of 3/8-inch. The vice firmly held a variety of knife styles and sizes from my collections, and I was very happy with the security it provided. The system is compatible with the following add-on items from Wicked Edge:

·        All Wicked Edge sharpening stones and strops

·        Low Angle Adapter

·        Scissor Attachment

·        Chisel Attachment

·        Advanced Alignment Guide

·        Safety Shields

·        10″ and 12″ Guide Rods

There was a time when I was hesitant to spend $200 on a knife sharpener, but I found myself frequently unhappy with the results of my other sharpeners on certain blades. I was spending money to have them sharpened by a local knife maker and realized how much it was adding up – particularly during hunting season when having a sharp knife can be crucial in processing my own game. The Wicked Edge GO is a great option for anyone looking to maintain their own knives while taking the guesswork out of getting a razor-sharp edge. The results I obtained were better than any I had before, and the “GO” also makes the process more fun since it controls the angle for you and takes the stress away.