I’m a fan of products that make your pistol easier to keep a hold of and make them more comfortable at the same time.  Talon Grips continues to do just that with their grips for the Glock 43.

I have rather large hands but enjoy carrying and shooting my single stack 9mm Glock 43.  Sometimes holding onto that small pistol frame can be a challenge as the pistol gets lost in my grip.

After only a few minutes of surface prep with the included alcohol swab, I was able to apply the precision cut custom grips from Talon onto my Glock 43. A few minutes of careful heat gun application and pressing the grip firmly to the frame and it looks and functions perfectly.

Talon Grips

For such a significant addition to the pistol, you would think they would charge a lot of money.  The grips are inexpensive, functional, and comfortable.  You can pick up a set of the Talon Grips for your Glock 42 or 43 for only $17.99 with free shipping in either black, grey, or moss rubber finish or in black granulate.  Both the granulate and rubber finish are great but I found myself preferring the rubber finish.

The grip is a full coverage addition with side panels, including above the thumb rest, high coverage on the backstrap, and full coverage under the trigger guard.  for just a $1.99 more, add the grip coverage for your magazine base plate grip extension!

Have a different pistol than the Glock 43 that you need to get a grip on? Head over to www.talongungrips.com and check out the wide selection of grips for pistols or even the Shockwave shotgun.

Talon Grips

Talon Grips are the only US Patented single piece adhesive style wrap around grips and they are made in the USA, out of Steamboat Springs, CO to be exact.

Pay attention to what cleaners you are using on your pistol after installing Talon Grips and make sure they are a product that won’t attack the adhesive.  Products such as aerosol cleaners like Brake Cleaner, Break-Free, Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber, etc.  I’ve been using Frog Lube with my OTIS gun cleaning kit lately with good results of getting my guns clean and not ruining my Talon Grips.

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