With the same standard, power, and knockdown ability used by law enforcement, the Taser Pulse fits into an easily concealable package that’s safe and simple to operate. In 1993, Taser’s products were introduced to law enforcement as well as at a later date, implemented into U.S. Military Special Operations units such as when I served in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Upon first holding the Taser Pulse, it has a comfortable feel in the hands and is similar to most polymer style sub-compact pistols. Although simple in design, the mechanical features are top notch. I have relatively small hands and the pivot safety operates smoothly with effort of the firing hands thumb. Upon firing the Taser Pulse, the pull of the trigger is similar the break of a single stage trigger.

Taser Pulse Review (Part I)

The above features are great, but what really matters is: what does this do when it hits a human target? When used with the cartridge, the Taser Pulse sends an electrical current from the device, down copper wires, through two barbs that complete the current through an enemy. The electrical current runs for a total of 30 seconds. If you’ve seen anyone tased, you know it only takes a split second for these devices to be effective. Imagine the benefits of halting a potential attacker or home intruder for a full 30 seconds plus the time from the residual effects of the device (we’ll discuss this in part II).

Taser Pulse Review (Part I)

Power for the Taser Pulse is supplied by a replaceable lithium battery. The battery may not need replacing unless you are using the device in a repeated training environment. One battery will power 50 30-second engagements. The integrated light and red laser illuminate a dark room with an bright red dot that is visible on all surfaces I’ve encountered. The red laser is hard to see when it is bright daytime conditions, although in those circumstances, the integrated sights will work just as well as the laser.

Taser Pulse Review (Part I)

There is really no other product like a taser. It is the only product or device of its kind that can singularly and fully incapacitate an enemy or threat without any lethality. Just as a self defense firearm is irreplaceable at times, a taser is a valuable tool that could do well in a number of circumstances over a firearm or blade weapon. I recommend the Taser Pulse based on design and ability to immediately drop a target within 15 ft. Not everyone needs shot with a bullet for their transgressions.

Taser Pulse Review (Part I)

Taser Pulse Specs:

  • Length: 5.25″
  • Height: 4.75″
  • Width: 1.25″
  • Weight: 0.5lbs (227g)

Check out the Taser Pulse HERE for a full list of features, accessories, and short video.

*In Part II I will discuss the possible health issues with tasers and what it does to your bodies homeostasis when an electrical current is sent through the body. This will include a video of the Taser Pulse in action. 

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