Before beginning I want to be clear that I personally do not agree with using anything less than lethal force when lethal force is being used against you, DO NOT take a Taser to a gun fight. I carry a weapon with me every day, even when I’m not on duty, sometimes several. I have multiple lethal options with me when I’m out and about ranging from a fixed blade knife to a handgun, and a rifle. One thing I don’t typically carry is an alternative to lethal force weapons such as OC Spray, an ASP Baton, or a Taser.

While I do carry all of the above daily at work as a police officer, in my off time the only time I plan on getting involved is in a situation in which one of my lethal options are acceptable. I have made peace with the fact that I may have to take someone’s life in defense of mine or someone else’s but that is not the case for a large portion of the population.

The Taser Pulse in an exceptional option for Less than lethal force for those that aren’t comfortable with firearms, don’t believe they could take a life, or those that are just looking to add another option in addition to their firearm.  The Pulse is extremely easy to use with a simple flip down safety lever and a visible laser that is emitted when the safety is taken off.

The Taser cartridge that houses the lead wires and the probes can be fired from up to 15 feet away and the barbs will penetrate the skin. Upon contact with the two probes, the Taser will deliver 50,000 volts into its target. The Pulse will deliver that shock for a total of 30 seconds whereas the X26 law enforcement model only lasts 5 seconds per cycle. The reason for this is so that it gives you an opportunity to deliver a shock, put the Taser down, and run to a safer location while your adversary is incapacitated.

A few things to think about before you get ready to purchase and use a Taser all of which aren’t only things iv heard but things I have seen for myself. A Taser may not work through thick clothing; even a hoodie may keep the probes from making appropriate contact. A shot to the back is the most effective because it has a lot of room to aim and the subject cannot pull the leads out. A frontal shot is rarely effective and an adversary can sweep the probes off, even we hen receiving a full shock.  If you are very close and the probes only spread about 1-4 inches apart, then you will not achieve neuromuscular incapacitation, you will only cause pain.

The Taser Pulse comes with two cartridges, a neoprene keeper sleeve, and is also capable of drive stunning with no cartridge in place (this is pain compliance only). This weapon DOES work if used properly. It will cause incapacitation if everything is done properly. The Pulse is a little bit expensive but if you use it and complete a police report, then Taser themselves will send you a brand new one to compensate you for the one you left behind to save your life.

Author – Wes Nanny is a former United States Marine and is now pursuing a career in local law enforcement.