2017 is here. As in an every year, new types and sorts of tactical equipment floods the market. Some products are a repeat cycle of the year before – and some are presenting true innovation. As every year different companies are coming out with endless types of equipment & endless ways to improve the way you use your kit.


Tasmanian Tiger, the combat brother of the well known ‘TATONKA’, is set to release some cool new products. In generally TT’s aim is to offer flexibility and singularity when it comes down to combat equipment. What that means? It means that they seek to create a line of equipment that completes one and another – singularity. Tasmanian Tiger is well known for their aggressive – yet delicate design of their products. Their aggressive robust look is not only a look – but a real field proven equipment. Yes, they might not be a frontrunner in the whole ”equipment” industry, but that is due to the fact that they like to take things slowly and that means checking, testing and validating by an honest process the readiness of their products.

My personal experience with Tasmanian Tiger is quite rich. Especially with the newer products, as I had some time looking and using those in the field. While I personally think that few of the products could be even better, I love the way TT approaches and designs their gear.

So what’s coming?

Tasmanian Tiger, like his bigger brother TATONKA, keeps a solid track on its backpacks legacy. This year (2016 of course..) TT is going to drop several mission \ routine bags. While some of those bags are tactical oriented, the TT-TAC series took a different path on the ridge between the civilian backpacker and the military look. This combination caught my eyes but more than this – my back. The new system and design is definitely a success.

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