When I get a pouch or any type of equipment that intends to protect crucial items such as magazines or grenades, I´m looking for multi functionality and not just for a pouch with a buckle. In the recent project with TT in the Austrian Alps I have found such a product – simple, but effective.

But first let me make it straight. This piece of gear evaluation is merely my own opinion and should not reflect any company terms of use of a product, or act as any ‘tactical guru’ statement for using Y & X. I simply love this pouch, and found it most useful towards other things than just smoke grenades.


So back to the story in a short version. Project Gecko had a team of 5 guys including me. We carried full equipment (1st, 2nd, 3rd lines) and carried different roles (DMR, MG, you get the point…) all as a part of a specific project we had to fulfill. While the whole crew was ready with their equipment and configuration, I had to reconfigure my plate carrier as I could not find my chest rig. So I picked up the Tasmanian Tiger plate carrier MK III and started to configure it quickly. The problem was, we didn´t have enough magazine pouches for either M4 mags or SR25, you know one of those first world problems.

So I saw those smoke grenade pouches laying down there in our truck. Those were left overs in different colors. My Israeli head, which turns bold in the IDF when it comes down to weird combinations, decided to take those pouches and tried to figure out if those could work.


The pouch.

The Smoke grenade pouch from Tasmanian Tiger is simple. It has the traditional ”pouch” appearance. On the top the pouch has a flap with a buckle (for quiet opening) and a shock cord around the pouch itself.

The shock cord idea is also not so new, but still very useful. In matter of fact I used to carry a lot of different inventory on me when doing tactical courses. Often, if not always, I do not have so many pouches available for what I carry. That´s why I always welcome products that allow me to stay creative. The TT smoke pouch does just that. The shock cord allows me to insert nearly ANYTHING and to keep it tight and secured. It is nothing so special, but it is really handy. The fact that I can secure nearly anything in matter of seconds completely regardless to its size or shape is freaking awesome. Chemlights, radios, multitools…you name it.



Because The flap of the pouch, which is normally responsible for securing and closing the pouch is detachable which increases the functionality rate of this product. Why? I will explain

In my service in the IDF, often a pouch would be used for several types of tools. Why? mainly because of budget or availability of pouches. Very often the smoke pouches became either pouch for a flashbang or M4 magazines. The problem was always of either keeping the flashbang tight inside or having the closing buckle on the flap, reaching its destination.


The TT smoke pouch allows me to detach the flap (velcro backing) and connect it either deeper into its base or higher on its tip – allowing me to play with the ”intake” capability of the pouch.

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This is freaking badass. Because when I was in the Alps, as I wrote above – I used this pouch to carry 2 M4 magazines. It was tight, steady and just really great. In matter of fact I am considering to buy 2 more smoke pouches for that very use. I also used the same pouch for a flash-bang, phone or a small radio.


Get it. It wont cost much, it wont break and it would serve as more than just one pouch. When I look on this product I don´t see one designation, but 5 different possibilities which serve my own experienced way of using tactical gear.

Case closed. Get it!

– Eli-

Originally published on Project Gecko

Images courtesy of Project Gecko