WINCHESTER, Va. (11/14/16) – In an effort to expand its reach with cartridge revolver fans, Taylor’s & Company has implemented its hand-tuning feature, called “Taylor Tuned,” in more models.

Now available with any 1873 Cattleman Single-Action cartridge revolver models, this feature sets the company apart from competitors due to its “unparalleled performance,” according to Taylor’s & Company CEO Tammy Loy.

“We started offering Taylor Tuned with just a few of our revolver models,” Loy said. “After growing demand from dealers and customers, we have decided to expand this offering with more of our cartridge revolvers.” Taylor Tuned indicates that the revolver’s actions are hand-tuned, one at a time, by gunsmiths at the company’s location in Winchester, Va. These revolvers feature custom springs and hand polishing. The custom tuning is complete with custom hammer and base pin springs.

The attention the gunsmiths put to these revolvers creates a smooth hammer pull and lightened trigger pull that maximizes speed, accuracy and comfort, according to Loy. “Taylor Tuned models represent the ultimate out-of-the-box solution for today’s dedicated shooter or the beginner looking for the best action in a cartridge revolver,” she said.

About Taylor’s & Company

Founded in 1988, Taylor’s & Company, headquartered in Winchester, Va., is an importer of firearms, including revolvers, rifles and shotguns. The company specializes in reproduction Civil War firearms through the end of the Old West era, hunting firearms and 1911 tactical pistols. It markets its products through dealers and distributors nationwide and assists consumers in obtaining a dealer for firearm transfers as needed. It seeks to serve all types of shooters, from competitive shooters to collectors to outdoor enthusiasts to firearm history buffs. For more information, visit

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