I grew up before there were social media and the internet, which meant I spent a lot of time outside. Between the time spent outdoors and being a member of the local boy scout troop, I learned basic survival skills and outdoor living skills. Once I entered the military the outdoor skills grew exponentially.

Now as a father of two daughters, it’s my responsibility to train and equip them. The photo here is a picture of my younger daughter gathering tinder and small sticks in order to get a fire going in the dark. Although she may never need to start a fire for survival reasons, she now has the skill and confidence to do so.

It’s simple tasks like this, that when accomplished increase her confidence to go after other challenges. In order for the next generation to survive, we need to hand down the knowledge and skills that we (Generation X) have learned prior to all this technology. Build your kids up, invest in their future and equip them to succeed.


*Photo courtesy of the author