In the past I’ve heard from a few veterans about negative experiences on the range, or in some type of dynamic firearm training when using full metal jacket training ammunition. The most common type of training round is the FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) which doesn’t pose much of an issue when shooting paper. However, If you’re shooting steel for practice, competition, or training then you could have some “not so good” experiences. One of the things that happens with full metal jacket ammunition when shooting steel is the ricochet. In close quarters this could do a lot of damage if you take a hit. I’ve heard from two guys that have experienced this on the job during training (not good). I’ve even been in an indoor range where someone aimed a little too high causing their round to impact on the steel frame that holds the target. The next thing I saw was one of the lights in the ceiling of the range shatter, and fall to the floor.

Team Never Quit Ammunition has designed and manufactured a frangible round to be used for both training and personal defense. These rounds offer some key advantages over the traditional full metal jacket ammunition. Lead exposure is one issue resolved with frangible ammunition. The full metal jacket round is manufactured with a lead core and copper jacket (frangible ammunition is made from a compressed copper powder). The other, more obvious reason is to prevent ricochet. Frangible ammunition, when fired at a steel target will crumble to pieces due to the material composition (softer). Another added benefit is that by using frangible ammunition you will increase the life of your steel targets, and stands.

Team Never Quit Ammunition also provides their unique frangible ammunition in the form of defense ammunition, perfect for your concealed carry handgun. The advantages of using this for personal defense is reduction of over penetration. This is extremely beneficial if you ever have to engage a bad guy in a crowded venue, or inside your own home (perhaps the engagement is more dire, like on an aircraft). Granted the energy of the round on impact may not be on par with traditional hollow point bullets, but it is still going to stop the threat and hopefully reduce collateral damage. You still don’t think their defense ammunition will have an impact on the target? Check out the following test into a block of ballistic gelatin.

Team Never Quit Ammunition
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Personally I haven’t run into any issues with either the frangible training ammunition, or the defense ammunition. I ran a 50 round box of the 9mm training ammunition, and a 20 round box of the 9mm defensive ammunition. Both types of rounds cycled through my Glock 17 without any issues. Recoil seems to be a bit more manageable than your standard 115 grain ammunition. Overall I like the concept of the ammunition. Time will tell whether I choose to run this in my gun as my defense ammo. More range time and training with it will be needed in order to be 100% confident it’s going to perform if, and when the crap hits the fan.

Team Never Quit Ammunition can be purchased through Axelson Tactical and it’s 100% American made. A percentage of all revenue goes to the Lone Survivor foundation started by retired Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell.