Tell me about your pistol? This was an interesting topic brought up at the Kyle Defoor 2 day pistol course I attended. This topic was brought up during one of his small break out sessions he does throughout the day to give your eyes a break from shooting.

The usual response to someone asking a dude about his pistol goes something like this; It’s a Glock 19, chambered in 9mm and I’ve put several thousand rounds through it. Although those are true statements, that was not the answer Kyle was looking for. The reasoning behind this as Kyle explained it was to educate those in your family, friends that you shoot with or guys you serve within an LE agency, in case they needed to grab your gun and use it in the unlikely event you go down in a gunfight.

So let me tell you about my pistol

I carry a Glock 26 with Defoor sights from Ameriglo. I prefer old school black on black sights.

The grips are covered with Talon Grip material to enhance grip and retention of the weapon.

Everything else on the gun is stock. The ammo I have stacked in the magazine is 9mm 124 grain XTP-HP from Minuteman Munitions. The magazine loaded in the pistol is the standard Glock 26 magazine with a Pearce Grip extension holding 10 rounds.

My spare magazine is a Glock 19 magazine loaded with 15 rounds of the same type of ammunition.

Tell us about your pistol.