Yesterday while performing some test with the Reaper 33 AR, Templar Tactical decided to bring out an array of their suppressors.  I’m a big fan of good quality suppressors and relied on them while deployed.  Here is a little info on the Templar Tactical’s.  Stay tuned for high quality footage and demo’s of the suppressors.

A little history and information about Templar Tactical

The owner of Templar Tactical and good friend of mine Curtis is an amazingly smart guy who knows what he’s talking about and only strives for the best in the quality of his work.  Curtis is a graduate of Texas A&M University’s College of Engineering graduating with an Engineering Degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Mechanical Engineering specialties.  He’s worked in the Hydrogen Fuel Cell manufacturing, Aerospace, and in the Oil and Gas Exploration Industry.  He has significant experience in metallurgy, materials science, product design, equipment design, process design and had acquired a number patents.

After designing new manufacturing processes, developing business strategy, and designing a complete manufacturing facility; Curtis was assigned building and executing this strategy in China.  Two years after establishing a business entity and building a manufacturing plant in China; Curtis’ love of the shooting sports was re-invigorated and a whole new spark for the 2nd Amendment was re-acquired.  Every trip back to the great U.S. was filled with gun smoke.

After returning back to the U.S. his re-invigorated love resulted in falling back into precision shooting and building rifles for his personal use.

My Thoughts

After having some quality time shooting the Templar Tactical Suppressors, I’ve come to a few conclusions about their product.

  • Absolutely no shift in accuracy/POA: A lot of companies state no change in accuracy or little very little change from suppressed to unsuppressed.  As many of us know, this is not the usual case.  We typically see a change in impact of 1MOA (average).  Templar designs all of their suppressors to have absolutely no change in accuracy.  I can assure you that there is no change. 
  • Multiple designs and lengths:  This is something I really about their Suppressors.  Having the capability to change the length in the suppressor at any given moment with almost no effort at all, continue on with the mission and not have to worry about accuracy decreasing is simply amazing.
  • Durability:  Templar Tactical Suppressors are extremely durable, this I can attest to.  During my time in Special Operations, we would never fire our suppressors in full auto mode.  With Templar Suppressors, they not only build them to be able to endure the stresses of full auto, but they also test them themselves.  I had the opportunity to shoot a couple of them in a fast rapid fire to simulate full auto, and they hold up to what they claim.  No change whatsoever in accuracy.
  • Combat effectiveness:  Combat effectiveness is something I take into any product I test and shoot.  I always find myself thinking, “would I use this in combat where my life depends on it, and would I give it to my guys?”  If at anytime I say “no”, I wouldn’t feel right supporting that product.  For those who are into shooting for personal defense reasons (which is what all weapons were made for), I like a product that I could use in the field where self-defense is at the utmost.  Templar Tactical Suppressors passes this test with flying colors.
  • Understanding the Noise of the Suppressor:  When you watch movies where someone is shooting suppressed, it sounds like an air gun per say.  Suppressors can deafen the decibel to sound as such, but more often than not, it’s probably sub-sonic where all you really hear is the action.  The crack you hear from suppressors when shooting super sonic ammunition is actually the “sonic boom”.  For those who have been shot at, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  Being on the receiving end of incoming rounds, the “crack” that echoes near you sounds just about the same as the Templar Tactical Suppressor. You can shoot these suppressors all day with no ear pro, something we also did on the range.


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