ARX in Latin means a Citadel, Stronghold, Fortress.  ARX in Tenicor means a Citadel, a Stronghold, a Fortress for your pistol!

Purposeful Design

The Tenicor ARX holster is a simple design with no hardware to fail you.  When you pick the holster up for the first time you’ll be surprised at the lightweight and evident strength.

The shape and weight of the holster lends itself to secure all-day wear.  If you care about concealment but prefer an outside the waistband carry, this is the holster you want at or just behind your strong side hip.  In a world of fancy and inside the waistband holsters, the Tenicor ARX stands out as thinking outside the box.

Tenicor ARX Holster: A Strong Fortress for Your Pistol


A purposeful design of the holster places the gun tight against your body while still being comfortable.  The pistol is easy to draw from the Tenicor ARX with a 10 degree forward cant.

Tenicor smartly placed the belt slots on the holster so that the pistol rides high enough to keep the gun from showing without having to wear long shirts or jackets.

Securely Concealed

With your pistol inserted into the Tenicor ARX holster you know it is secure. No frills, no snaps, no buttons, and no-nonsense with the ARX holster.

Tenicor ARX Holster: A Strong Fortress for Your Pistol

You have one adjustment point on the holster which allows you to easily adjust the level of retention on your pistol.  The holster has integrated belt loops that are angled perfectly for a tight fit to your body that doesn’t pinch. Tenicor paid attention to strength and simplicity when they built the ARX.

Tenicor ARX Holster: A Strong Fortress for Your Pistol

Precision Fit

Tenicor has built the ARX holster from custom CAD designs and then precision machined CNC tooling to create a positive fit.  Tenicor is currently offering the ARX Holster for the GLOCK pistols in models 19/23, 17/22, 48, 43 and 43x.

When you purchase a Tenicor ARX you also will need to choose a loop size to match your belt.  The choices for loop size are 1.50″ or 1.75″.

Lifetime Guarantee

No frills or lengthy explanations are needed from Tenicor on their stance about a warranty.  If it fails, they will replace it.

Tenicor is an American design, development, manufacturing, and training company that builds products that work.

As tested, the ARX holster costs $87.00. If you’re Military, Law Enforcement, or a First Responder, contact Tenicor for a coupon code.


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