Tenicor is a hot company at the moment. Many of the more infamous tactical/firearm e-stores have been stocking their products and there is clearly a following. Their most popular holster seems to be the Tenicor Velo, an AIWB rig, with a wedge molded onto the backside of the holster for better concealment, (achieved by pushing the grip of the handgun closer to the body.) For the past few months, I have been carrying the Tenicor Certum. It’s basically a Tenicor Velo without the famous wedge, (for those of you who don’t carry appendix or don’t have trouble concealing.) It’s definitely a good holster, but as with everything, there are things that I like and dislike about the product.

I figured some might ask about the print, it’s titled “Into The Breach.” It was my going away present after leaving the 1/75 K9 Section.

Tenicor Certum IWB Holster


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Author – Tim M.