Ever since starting our Overland camping journey, fine-tuning our set-up has been an ongoing effort. Each time we venture out to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, my wife and I make notes on how to adjust the equipment to make nomadic life easier. Whether it’s just relocating a bracket or sliding the rooftop tent a few inches left or right, it remains a work in progress. In SERE school, our instructors beat into our heads to constantly improve our hide sites. This motto still rings true to me today. With a little over a year using the Tepui Keukenam Sky tent, we looked to them for our next piece of kit. An awning to shield our tailgate kitchen from the elements.

Tepui Awning
Birds eye view of the Awning covering the tailgate/food prep area

Made from the same high-grade ripstop canvas as their hardcore tents, the Tepui Awning is built like a tank. With two sizes to choose from, 6’6″ ($310) or 4’6″ ($265) wide, both extending 6′ from the vehicle. Offering 39 SF or 27 SF of shaded area respectively. The original intent was to cover the area we use for food prep. Since the tailgate of the truck is where we currently conduct all cooking operations, we went with the narrower model due to the width of our bed rack. When not in use, the Awning easily rolls up and is stored in a rugged travel cover made from 1100g PVC. The same heavy waterproof material as the rooftop tent cover.

Tepui Awning

Tepui Awning Set-Up

Deploying the awning can be awkward with one person but is much more graceful with a helping hand. Once unrolled, a pair of height adjustable aluminum poles fold out and need to be staked down with guy wires. Another pair of poles unfold from the awning mount (vehicle side) providing side support along the edge of the Awning. Finally, velcro tabs sewn onto the awning attach to the side poles preventing flapping or sagging of the material. Once fully secured and tied to the ground, the Tepui Awning isn’t going anywhere. I love how well built and though out the products from Tepui are.

Additionally, Tepui offers solid awning walls as well as mosquito netting that can be easily attached. Adding additional functionality to the Awning. However, these accessories are only compatible with the larger 6’6″ model. After our last trip up to Lake Superior, I’m highly considering a major remodel of our rooftop arrangement. At Outdoor Retailer this summer, Tepui displayed prototypes of a slick kitchen set-up that I’m really interested in. With tables for both food prep/clean-up and grilling, my curiosity was peaked. If I can get my hands on one of those, I’d move the food prep to the side of the vehicle along with the Awning. Adjusting the Rooftop Tent to open towards the rear of the truck instead of the side would retain some overhead coverage for the tailgate. And then I would be able to fit the larger 6’6″ Awning along the side of the truck bed. Hmmm….

To be continued….