If you’re looking for a durable gear bag, Tepui has launched a new line of various sized bags to haul all of your adventure gear wherever you may be headed. Tepui is a Santa Cruz, California based company that is better known for their high quality roof top camping tents. These tents are a pretty innovative idea that any outdoorsman should take a closer look into. The new Tepui gear bags follow their tradition of producing high quality outdoor goods.

The Tepui gear bags are available in 4 sizes for multiple storage solutions. The Expedition Series of Tepui gear bags are made from high strength polyester canvas coated with a tough synthetic resin. This coating is similar in feel to the North Face Base Camp Duffel bags. Tepui Gear Bags are water & abrasion resistant and easy to keep clean. The exterior of the Tepui gear bags have handles in all the right places and incorporate bungee webbing that allows you to stuff items you need to access quickly.

Tepui Gear Bags: First Look
Tepui Expedition Series Tool Case

I recently received both the Expedition Series Tool Case as well as the Expedition Duffel Bag. The tool case fills a need I had on our 26′ powerboat. There are several compartments in the boat that I have loose items floating around like emergency equipment, handheld radio, tools, etc. The Tepui Tool Case was the perfect bag to get my shit organized. Like they say, “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”. Within the bag are padded adjustable dividers which can further customize the layout to suit your needs. The Tool Case is a vibrant orange color which is easily visible and can be retrieved quickly by grasping any of the four web handles. Because it’s on a boat, the tool case will see some water and the outer material will help keep the contents dry.

Items I store in the powerboat Loadout are:

  • Emergency aerial flares
  • Strobe flashlight combo
  • VHF radio
  • First Aid kit
  • Compact binoculars
  • Wrenches, Screwdriver, Pliers, Test light
  • Extra fuses
  • Emergency drain plug
  • Propane adapter for grill
Tepui Gear Bags: First Look
Tepui Tool Case with powerboat Loadout

Features of the Expedition Series Tool Case (courtesy of Tepuitents.com)

  • Four handles and exterior webbing
  • Compartmentalized for easy storage of all of your tools, walkie talkies, maps and more
  • Made from high strength polyester canvas coated with a synthetic resin
  • Water resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Heat resistant up to approximately 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Exterior dimensions: 17″ x 10″ x 7″
  • MSRP $70

The Expedition Series Duffel Bag from Tepui is perfect for outdoor use or travel. I used my trusty yellow North Face Duffel for almost all of my adventures in the last 20 years and it’s starting to show. When I came across Tepui gear bags, I knew I had found it’s replacement. The Expedition Duffel is constructed of the same material as the Tool Case with the addition of a reinforced bottom panel and a comfortable padded shoulder strap. The web handles and compression straps are heavy duty and well stitched. An additional mesh pocket on the outside of the duffel is the perfect place to stash an item that requires quick access. I’m traveling overseas in July and plan to stuff this bag to the gills with gear. As capable as the airline baggage handlers are of damaging baggage, I’m confident that this Tepui gear bag will endure the rigors of travel without issue.

Tepui Gear Bags: First Look
Tepui Expedition Series Duffel Bag (image courtesy of Tepuitents.com)

Features of the Expedition Series Duffel Bag (courtesy of Tepuitents.com)

  • Large compartment that can be used to store gear, clothing, equipment and more
  • Reinforced bottom panel
  • Comfortable grip and shoulder strap
  • High strength polyester canvas coated with a synthetic resin
  • Water and abrasion-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Heat resistant
  • Exterior dimensions: 28″ x 15″ x 15″
  • MSRP $120

These gear bags appear to be bombproof, are well thought out and it’s apparent that this company listens to their customers. With that said, I’d love to see removable backpack straps for the duffel bag. With the 2 fastech clips located on either side of the bag for shoulder strap mounting, I think it’d be easy to incorporate a shoulder strap system so the duffel bag can be worn on the back. This was a useful feature I used on my North Face Duffel regularly.

(Featured image courtesy of Tepuitents.com)