Information is slowly leaking out in relation to the Orlando, Florida terror attack and the total failure of our government’s anti-terrorism agencies has become appallingly apparent.

While the Mainstream media is working hard to convince you this was an act of a “lone wolf” – with some going so far as to delusionally trying to blame the attack on Christian policies and laws against the Gay community, the fact is this was an act of Islamic Terrorism that could have been prevented.

While the government would like you to believe they have a robust anti-terrorism task-force and a Department of so-called “Homeland Security”, the fact is they have become so bogged down by political correctness that none of these agencies have the ability to stop the attacks that have happened, and the ones that are likely to follow.

The attacks in Florida highlight how much trouble we are in as a nation. Within hours of being attacked by a self-declared ISIS terrorist, the media and the government went into full-panic mode; trying their best to shift the blame to everyone but the Muslim groups who were responsible for these attacks.

The government is so worried about appeasing Muslims, and making excuses for them when they attack our country, that we have become paralyzed and unable to respond to the threat. In fact, as information starts to leak out relating to the Orlando, Florida Terror attack the totality of the problem is almost beyond belief.

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