G2 Research is known for finding new ways to make ammo wicked.  Most known for their R.I.P. line, they also produce loads for rifles.  Defensive and specialty handgun loads easily number in the hundreds.  But what about rifles?

TESTED: G2 Research Trident Ripout .308
The recovered G2 Research Slug

Aside from bonded bullets, and meat-destroying fracturing loads hunters aren’t left with many options.  G2 Research has an option that may also serve nicely for defensive use.  Wouldn’t it be nice have one round to do it all?  The Trident Ripoout round is available in seven different calibers.  In a previous test we tried the Trident Ripout in 7.62x39mm from just ten yards.  Since that test we’ve learned a lot and when we had the chance to try the same bullet in .308 it was an easy yes.

For this test we decided to bust out our old Marlin X7VH.  That model isn’t readily available anymore, but a bolt rifle seemed appropriate for this round.  We tested for grouping at 100 yards and then decided to take a stab at a ballistic gel block from 100 yards.  See how this ammo did in the video below.