The first thing I want to start off by saying is that there is no “magic bullet”. What I mean by that is you can have the sexiest hollow point projectile on the market running through your gun but if you don’t hit what you are aiming at or your weapon doesn’t feed or shoot the ammo you are running in it you might as well pick up a baseball bat instead.

Many of us when we train with our personal defense weapons we utilize the cheapest ball ammunition we can find and for good reason. We do this because it allows us to hone our skills in an affordable manner. If you are shopping for defensive ammunition you will notice that a 25 round box of ammo is extremely expensive in comparison to the ball ammo we utilize for training. With that being said do not make the mistake of buying that single box of “Defensive ammunition” and not running it in your gun until you absolutely need it. If you are planning on using a certain type of ammunition specifically to save your life or the life of someone else you need to make sure it functions properly in your weapon. Bite the bullet and shoot a few mags of the high dollar ammo so you know without a reasonable doubt that it will perform when you need it.

I know this sounds like common sense to some of you but I can assure you that I have witnessed seasoned shooters make this mistake. This type of mistake can be an unforgiveable one. It’s well worth the extra 25 dollars to absolutely know your weapon is going to work properly in that high stress situation. I will tell you that if I was faced with that high stressed defensive situation I would choose my ball training ammo that I know functions over a high dollar hollow point round I have never fired before.

Photo courtesy of Sig Sauer