World War Two was a monumental turning point for the history of our world.  The number of countries (and troops) involved, the geopolitical ramifications concerning the outcome and the massive surge in warfare technologies earned the war its nickname “The Big One”.

In the clash between the Axis powers and the Allies, there are no shortage of fascinating stories that have been told.  One of the most interesting to me is the battle along the eastern front of Finland.  Finnish sniper Simo Häyhä devastated Russian forces, and is credited with upwards of 500 kills in little more than 100 days.  He was finally taken out of the fight when hit in the face with an exploding bullet, disfiguring him.  He died at 97 years old in 2002.

Testing WWII exploding rifle rounds
Screenshot from InRangeTV’s video

YouTube channel InRangeTV go their hands on some of these rounds, which were issued to both German and Russian forces along the Eastern front.  Despite being more than 70 years old, these rounds prove fascinating to watch while being tested in ballistic media, with some tests including bone and steel.