Looking to upgrade my Gen 3 Glock 17 I went to my local gun shop (Guerilla Armament in Jacksonville, NC go check them out) and I stumbled upon something I have seen a few reviews on before; the Texas Black Rifle Company’s Micro Comp V3.  

Machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum and coated black I was immediately attracted to it based on its overall smaller size. The compensator is made right there at TRBC’s shop in Shiner, Texas by some good hard working Americans. At the price point of $69.99, I couldn’t pass it up so I purchased one.  This comp was originally designed for the Glock 19, however, it will fit any 9mm barrel with the standard 1/2X28 thread.

This was the first comp I have ever installed on a handgun so I read some instructions provided with the comp. Super simple just the basics of how to do it with some pictures for the slower ones among us. With my blue Loctite for the set screws, Teflon tape, provided Allen key, torque wrench and threaded barrel in hand I began and 10 minutes later was done. The installation was amazingly easy and the comp fit like a dream. Once I had timed it and torqued the set screws I set off to go to my local range and test fire. The comp performed beautifully. My first mag I ran through slow at 10 meters just to ensure my timing was good, the comp didn’t fly off ( I have seen this) and test a few other new components to my Glock.  The next approximately 80 mags went just as smooth. While running the gun slow the comp produces a noticeably reduced muzzle flip and mitigates any recoil the 9mm produces. The real difference is noted with the follow-up shots especially when done in rapid succession. In conjunction with the new trigger I had installed (there will be a review) this comp ran like a dream. Three other Marines and myself all ran the Glock as fast as we could with rapid follow up shots and all produced the same results; a consistently decent group at any range out to 25 meters.

The bottom line for this is that if you’re interested in putting a comp on a weapons system and aren’t sure what to purchase I would urge you to consider this as an option. The TBRC micro comp V3 is an incredibly well made and useful piece of equipment to add to your handgun. This comp is simple and practical, and at this price, you don’t have to be a sponsored competition shooter to afford excellent performance out of your handgun. I compared this to my stock Glock 17 running the same ammo and tempo of firing and the results spoke for themselves.

Author – Tanner Hodges is an Active Duty Marine Infantryman currently serving as a Platoon Sergeant with 3dBn 2d Marines. He holds two infantry MOS’s (0351/0365) and has completed Infantry Small Unit Leader’s Course, and Advanced Infantryman Course. He has trained in Mountain Warfare, Desert Warfare, and Jungle Warfare all around the globe.