I began carrying the Vertx EDC Commuter Sling 2 years ago (read my review). Apart from the everyday wear and tear you might expect of a daily carry bag, I pressure tested this bag through:

  • 16 hours of force-on-force training
  • 16 hours of close quarters force-on-force training
  • 16 hours of low-light force-on-force training
  • 8 hours of vehicle live fire training
  • 40 hours of defensive handgun live fire training

96 hours of manipulating the draw mechanic. Sometimes in awkward and unlit spaces. Sometimes while moving. The bag functioned well, fit my low-profile criteria, and with some modifications to the holster system, it has exceeded my expectations.

It was just too damn big.

Enter the Vertx EDC Transit Sling 

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Photo courtesy of Short Barrel Shepherd