The ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle)!

The featured picture is of myself with the ACR rifle.  I had a great time operating the weapon over the course of 17 days recently and thought I’d write an honest no BS review.


After operating the SCAR weapons system in the 75th Ranger Regiment for some time, I find that the ACR is very much similar.  One of the key features that I do like about the ACR is the fact that you can change out the barrel from 5.56 to 7.62. This would be key for someone like myself and hunters when a “long shot” is desired, or to break through various barriers in the path to the target.  Being able to go through a room clearing scenario with the 5.56, engage targets without over penetration, move to a roof top, change barrels and engage targets at distance with a HPBT .308 is a wonderful feature to have on any weapons platform.  Another key feature that I like about the rifle is its overall weight distribution.  When chambered in the 5.56mm, I personally find that the weapon is extremely light when compared to a decked out 416.  The charging handle and the bolt release did take some time to get used to, as the charging handle/knob is located front left of the platform near the front sight.  The bolt release is located just under the magazine release button, on the bottom of the weld itself, extremely awkward to begin with.  The placement of the operational features made them fast and comfortable for the operator (once I got used to them), and lessons the fidgeting of the weapon when conducting a speedy mag change, everything is near the operators finger tip.

Something that I think is very useful from an operators standpoint, is the foldable and collapsible/extendable butt-stock.  Having the ability to fold the butt-stock makes it easy for storage in a vehicle, under clothing during recon operations, and climbing for sniper operations.


Now time for some things that I personally did not agree with or like about the rifle.

The butt-stock adjustment features become extremely hard to operation when debris is introduced.  This is a NO-GO for me, especially when the environments we fight in today bring along tons of dirt, rocks, etc.

The pistol grip of the ACR is unchangeable, unlike the M4 or SCAR.  The grip to me became uncomfortable when holding for more than 2 hours, it has an unnatural feel to it, almost like the stock grip of an AK-47.

Ambidextrous functions always seem to get me.  During the course of operating the weapon, myself along with highly accredited members of SOCOM accidentally dropped the magazine from the weapon.  This was due to the way the mag release fell on our magazines on our kit.  This would be a huge problem for those operating in the field.



  • 16 ½” cold hammer-forged barrel with an innovative protective coating which uses a nitriting process that dramatically reduces wear for the ultimate in longevity and dependability
  • A2 birdcage-type hider to control muzzle flash
  • Adjustable, two-position, gas piston-driven system for firing suppressed or unsuppressed, supported by hardened internal bearing rails
  • Tool-less, quick-change barrel system available in 10.5″, 14.5″, 16.5″ and 18.5″ and in multiple calibers
  • Multi-caliber bolt carrier assembly quickly and easily changes from 5.56 NATO/223 Rem to 6.8mm Rem SPC
  • Free-floating MIL-STD 1913 monolithic top rail for optic mounting
  • Magpul® MBUS front/rear flip sights
  • Fully ambidextrous controls including magazine release, bolt catch and release, fire selector and non-reciprocating charging handle
  • High-impact composite hand guard with heat shield – accepts rail inserts
  • High-impact composite lower receiver with textured magazine well and modular grip storage
  • Folding and six-position telescoping high-impact polymer stock with rubber butt pad and sling mount (basic folder only)
  • Ships in hard case and includes 30-round PMAG™