The “Prepared Citizen Classic” design was conceived based on the phenomenon in evolutionary biology known as mimicry, in which one organism resembles another in order to improve its odds of survival. The pack’s outward appearance, reminiscent of the most commonplace daypacks, helps its well-equipped owner take on an uninteresting and non-threatening appearance, protecting him from being scrutinized and targeted. Conversely, its purpose-built interior with options for concealed carry and ballistic protection provides its owner with a clear tactical advantage.

The “Prepared Citizen Classic” has an overall capacity of 1360 cu. in. / 22L with a dual-side accessible, fully looped lined concealed carry compartment. It is built extra tough with the heavy-duty materials and meticulously reinforced construction that you’ve come to expect from all Maxpedition products.

Become a Prepared Citizen and be ready to respond to any threat and/or emergency.