Noveske’s Diplomat started an interesting trend in muzzle devices. A device called the Flash Can came to be. The idea behind the flash can is to allow shooters to use their rifles indoors without being the victim of excessive flash and concussion. The main problem being they aren’t super useful outside of indoors close quarters combat, so when a shooter transitions from indoors to outdoors the flash can becomes a bit inefficient since it doesn’t hide flash, compensate, or reduce recoil. The Axelson Tactical Blast Shield Aims to make the most efficient flash can on the market.

Axelson Tactical Blast Shield - Review

The Rundown on the Axelson Tactical Blast Shield

So the Axelson Tactical Blast Shield sets itself apart from your normal flash can by being a quick detach item. It doesn’t just screw off leaving you a threaded barrel. The Axelson Tactical Blast Shield fit around your existing muzzle device and two different models are available for two different muzzle devices. The model I’m testing is the A2 blast shield. It will fit over any standard A2 muzzle device. The second is a blast shield for the ROC competition muzzle brake, also made by Axelson Tactical.

Attaching the System is child’s play. You have four pieces, the base, two halves of a ring, and the actual blast shield.

Axelson Tactical Blast Shield - Review
The Four Pieces

The Base goes on first. Then the two halves of the ring fit into the ring around the muzzle device.

Axelson Tactical Blast Shield - Review

Then the actual blast shield and base are threaded together.

Axelson Tactical Blast Shield - Review

Purpose and Use

That’s it. It’s easy to do in the field and allows for easy transition between shooting indoors and outdoors. It’s doubtful in a running firefight you’ll have time to take it off. However, in my experience, it wasn’t uncommon after a day patrol in Afghanistan to follow-up with a nighttime raid. If I’m going to be hitting the inside of a compound I can toss this device on my rifle prior to the mission.

Indoors it’s going to help redirect concussion, noise, and flash forward, away from the shooter. This allows the shooter to maintain their situational awareness even when firing rapidly. It doesn’t hide flash at all, but when its close and personal you aren’t trying to hide anyway.

Axelson Tactical Blast Shield - Review
Look at that Blast

The effects of this device really aren’t felt until you are shooting indoors, especially under combative circumstances. This device makes shooting much comfortable… well for those behind the gun anyway.


Any QD devices need to be tested thoroughly to ensure it doesn’t come off at the wrong time. Simply put a QD device is easier to take off, but it shouldn’t make it easier for the device to fall off. I’ve put a little over 200 rounds downrange with the device in place and it’s never loosened on me. It’s also remained on the gun for a few weeks now, being taken in out of safes, set down, fired, put away etc. The Axelson Tactical Blast Shield has remained in place without issue.

It’s 4130 steel construction, and the black nitride coating make it quite capable, and very durable. The finish remains untouched, and high levels of heat from rapid fire training hasn’t ruffled its feathers. Overall the Axelson Tactical Blast Shield is a fascinating device, that’s well made, and well thought out.

You can get one here