Keep your 5.45 AK fed with KCI USA’s AK-74 95-round drum magazine! Constructed of black polymer, it has a clear polymer front plate so you can see all the action. When the other guy’s 30-rd mags run dry at the range, your 74 still be blazing away. Load it on Sunday and shoot all week long.

The dual-drum design has an alternating feed system that draws one round from one drum, then the next round from the other drum. This gives you a fixed center of gravity during sustained fire to keep your AK stable.

High-tensile compression springs allow you to leave your dual drum loaded for storage with no tension on the spring. The magazine has a metal follower that acts like ball bearings. Graphite lube is included to prevent misfeeds and jamming.

I have found that a little graphite in the dummy rounds and downloading to 90 rounds produces 100% reliability. Make sure that you load at a steady pace and if you feel resistance, STOP! Don’t load a jam.

Your 95-round AK-74 magazine comes with:

  • Polymer speed loader
  • Nylon carrying pouch
  • Graphite lubricant tube for the follower
  • The assurance of the quality construction of a product made in South Korea

The maximum capacity for this hi-capacity dual drum magazine is (95) rounds. Will only hold 5.45X39 caliber rounds.

You can get your very own KCI AK-74 5.45X39mm 95-Round Dual Drum Magazine HERE for $89.99!

Photos courtesy of KCI USA