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The subject of Bonds personal firearms has in the past become a heated debate, much akin to the ongoing Omega/Rolex debacle. Everyone has their favourites, be it iconic, practical, real or looks alone. In this brief article, I will compare the different Walthers (apart from the P5) that Bond has used extensively, and examine the merits of them as concealed pistols in the real world. I will also point you in the best direction of getting yourself a highly detailed copy, or a deactivated version (this is Britain) of the real thing.

The pictures below show the various Walthers that I’ll be looking at. The first is a high end gas operated 6mm BB firing replica made by Maruzen with a Q-Branch suppressor fitted.

The second is a live P99 circa 2004 showing the laser etched logo on the slide which replaced the stamping and was briefly seen in the DBS scene of Casino Royale, it is photographed on top of an inside the waistband Vega holster a seen worn by Bond in Madagascar and the Bahamas.

The Bond Walthers

The third needs no introduction, this is a deactivated Walther PPK with a prop suppressor. It will return in Quantum of Solace.

The fourth is the blank firing or PAK version of the live Walther, this is the pistol used in many of the scenes where you see Bond actually firing the gun. The P99 is actually quite hard to convert to blank firing, so Walther provided PAK’s for this.

The last pistol is the Walther PPS, which I thought we would compare, as many of us here think that this would be a more viable option for Bond to carry in the more realstic films we are seeing now.

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