Pistol braces are absolutely amazing. They produce an outstanding degree of control for pistols that are just way too big to be easy to fire.  With the popularity of AR, AK, Scorpion, MP5, and other huge pistols a brace is almost a necessity. These days there are tons of different braces. We have models from Gear Head Works, SB Tactical, KAK, and even more. These braces aren’t necessarily expensive. Most of the better models can be had for around 120 bucks. However, for some that is a little pricey and for those people I think I’ve found a budget solution. The Breach Brace by Trinity Force is quite the option. I found this brace for 20 bucks at a website call Extreemtactical.com.

I’ve never heard of this brace of this website but Gun Deals hooked me up. I didn’t expect much, so I was pleasantly surprised.

The Breach Brace

The Breach Brace is simple, its a lot like the Shockwave blade. It’s thin and rests against the arm and acts as a brace against the forearm and bicep. The Breach Brace is one solid piece of polymer and attaches to a standard AR pistol tube up to 1.25 inches in diameter. It’s a simple design, but it is effective for lower recoil weapons. The sharp nature of the blade will really dig in with higher recoil weapons. I attached it to my Kidon kit with the CZ P09 9mm installed. (Speaking of Kidon just released a Polymer 80 Glock plate.)

The Breach Brace is tightened down with two screws near the end of the tube. To get the brace extremely tight you have to crank down on it like a beast. I mean I nearly stripped the screws to get it to a point where it won’t move. Be careful, use good tools and good luck.

That’s the only bad thing I have to say about the Breach Brace. It is a pretty solid brace. I don’t know much about Trinity Force or the Breach Brace but it works. It’s hard to mess up a piece of injection molded polymer.

Getting Braced

The Trinity Force Breach Brace is quite comfortable with SMG wannabes. The brace will fit inside the arm well and made it possible to easily aim with the peep sights on my Kidon kit. The brace rests inside the arm and gives you that extra level of stabilization for longer range shooting.

If you choose to use the brace as designed it works great. However, if you choose to shoulder it the brace, and you legally can, the design also works well. It stabilizes the gun like a champ and provides an excellent cheek weld. Because it is a blade design it will strike your shoulder with some force and anything bigger than a pistol caliber will likely be quite uncomfortable. Once installed I hope it’s at the right distance because loosening it up and repositioning it is a real pain.

The Breach Brace is a very simple design, but it an effective way to stabilize those oversized pistols. This 20 dollar brace has me colored impressed. 20 bucks is hardly anything, and it is certainly well spent.