Loading up your belt with spare magazines for a training or competition event has always been easy.  Doing the same for concealed carry has not.  Aliengear appears to have solved this with the Cloak Mag Carrier.

Single-stack guns give us ease of conceal-ability and comfort for every-day concealed carry.  Where they leave us wanting is in capacity.  Carrying a spare magazine helps us make the slim guns a little more practical, and who doesn’t want more ammo?  The challenge I’ve faced is how and where to carry a spare mag and yet not sacrifice the conceal-ability and comfort that made me go for a single-stack in the first place.

Enter the Cloak Mag Carrier by Aliengear.  I’ve used their holsters off and on throughout their many generations and so decided to give the Cloak Mag Carrier a try.  Completely adjustable, IWB, OWB, with a neoprene backer or without, adjustable cant, the list goes on.  This carrier is so feature-packed you just have to see it for yourself to believe it.

Though initially simple in appearance the Aliengear Cloak Mag Carrier can satisfy most needs for a spare magazine.  Clips can be changed in seconds simply be pressing on the spring-loaded locking device.  The locking device also lets the user clock the clip to provide nearly any practical cant for a quicker draw or better concealment.  A supple neoprene backing simply snaps off and on.  Push the locking device a little farther to reveal an included allen key for adjusting tension at any of three points.