Man, there is something sexy about a Marine shotgun. That hard plated chrome or stainless steel finish on a pump action shotgun. Most major companies produce a Marine Magnum style shotgun, and they all look amazing. The Cobra Tac 2 Marine model looks just as amazing as any Remington or Mossberg. In fact, it might even look a little better. The black furniture offset by the Marine finish, including the black trigger guard is fantastic. Looks aren’t everything though, does the Cobra Tac 2 Marine stand up to the big boys?

The Cobra Tac 2 Marine Model

Well sorry to disappoint but I can’t say yes just yet. I haven’t had a lot of time with the Cobra yet. I put 50 rounds downrange yesterday and want to give you folks a first look. The Cobra Tac 2 is a 12 gauge shotgun that holds a total of five rounds. It features an 18.5-inch barrel, weighs a light 6.2 pounds, and comes with just everything you need on a shotgun. This includes sling swivel studs, a chrome lined chamber and barrel, a nice easy to see front sight, and even a Picatinny rail on the forearm for a light.

The Cobra Tac 2 features an interest design element to the pump. It has a spring that pushes the pump closed once its been racked to the rear. Theoretically, you could pull the pump rearward and just let it go. The spring would finish loading the round. I’m torn on whether I like this feature or not. The good news is if I didn’t like it I could just remove the spring, which is easy and doesn’t violate any warranties.

The Cobra Tac 2 is a smooth handling gun and is out of the box ready to go. I really appreciate the fact they included sling swivels, a proper front sight, and a chrome-lined bore on such an affordable shotgun. Remington and Mossberg could certainly learn a thing or two about the little things from TriStar.