At The Loadout Room, we love to test gear. And, there is something we love even more than testing gear. It is testing NEW gear! So, when a package from HSGI arrived at our door this weekend, we were excited to see what it contained.  When we opened it, we saw the new Costa Leg Rig inside.

The Costa Leg Rig is designed for a day at the range, or for taking a training class, or using it out in the field when you want to run a low-profile setup, or put this into your Oh S#%T / Go-Bag.  For the Airsofters out there, this is a great rig for short games, or for training when you do not want to run a full setup.

The rig consists of HSGI Double Decker Tacos (M4 Taco with a Pistol Taco on the front), in between the two is a third pistol Taco that could hold another magazine or a light for night or low-light training and the entire setup is made up of 1000D Denier, Flipping the  Leg Rig over, and you have a padded mesh back with 1 1/2 inch wide rubberized leg strap.

To attache the Leg Rig, there are two straps that attach the top to your belt, and a leg strap to secure the rig to your thigh.  The leg strap has two rubber strips that help keep it in place as you move from station to station on the range or during a game.  The buckles are very well made, they give a secure “click” each time you attach/detach them.

The rig we received is in Multicam, and the belt straps are in Multicam, the buckles are tan, and the leg strap is tan in color. And if you look closely, you will see the Costa Ludus logo in the middle of the rig. Instead of going bold, they went subdued. It fits the rig very well.


How does it work? So far, amazingly well! If you don’t need to have a ton of gear on you, and are looking for something that is very small and low-profile, this is all you are going to need.  Running, jumping, and lunging – the Leg Rig did not shift at all. It stayed in place and was comfortable throughout the day. Even though the rig was worn by two people, each for several hours, adjusting it and wearing it was easy and comfortable.

The setup is solid, and the use of the HSGI Double Decker Tacos adds versatility to the rig. You can run a M4 or AK magazines (or a radio even). You could go with 3 pistol magazines, or 1 pistol, a Multitasker, and a Surefire light. The combinations are endless, and, that is because of Tacos. They allow this leg rig to adjust to the needs of the mission or training at hand.  And another nice feature of this rig is that it does not use Malice Clips to attach the Pistol Tacos to the Rifle Tacos.  The Tacos have been woven directly to the padded panel. Keeping it low profile and reducing a little bit of weight.

If you are looking for a small, lightweight rig to take to the range or the Airsoft field, and don’t feel like you need to save the world, then I highly suggest that you check out the Costa Leg Rig on their website.