Let’s go stab something was the first thing that crept through my head when I opened the Crate Club fishing spear. The fishing spear is actually a spearhead, and its designed to be packed in a bug out or survival bag to give you the ability to create a proper spear when needed. Carrying a spear would be way too burdensome but a simple spearhead covers the most important part of the spear. Finding the handle is on you, but in nature this isn’t too difficult. I love projects and gear that makes me go out there and learn so the Crate Club fishing spear was perfect for that application.

The Crate Club Fishing Spear - Stab Something

The Fishing Spear comes into two pieces that can interweave to form a 4 point spear. Although if you only want a two-point spear that’s an option as well. Why two over four points? Isn’t more stabby things better than less stabby things? Well, usually, but not always. If you are fishing in an area with lots of rocks, logs, or thick muck a two-point spear is more maneuverable overall. Four points will make it easier to hit the fish by giving you a wider implement.

In some situations, you may not find the perfect handle and need a lighter two-point spear as well. The Crate Club fishing spear gives you options for both scenarios.

Fishing Spear Specs

The Fishing spear is nice and large at 9 inches overall length. The spear is made from the tough and rust resistant 420HC steel. The spear points all have a retaining lip opposite the edge and at the very end of the entire spearhead is a chisel. This chisel is designed to implant the spearhead into your chosen handle, but can also be used as a scraping tool. The fishing spear also comes with a polymer sheath and a length of paracord for lashing purposes.

Building It

The first step is finding a proper branch that’s roughly 2 inches in diameter. I found it a little easier to work with sticks that were a bit bigger than 2 inches. After that, you need to use the longer portion of the fishing spear. This portion has the large chisel.

The Crate Club Fishing Spear - Stab Something

Hold the chisel against the end of the stick and use something hard to pound the chisel into the handle. I tried both a good-sized rock and just stabbing it into a tree and had excellent success. The spearhead has a line on it marking how far it needs to go.

The Crate Club Fishing Spear - Stab Something

If you are making a two-point spear stop here and wrap the lash around the handle near the top of the spear.

The Crate Club Fishing Spear - Stab Something

If you are going with a four-point spear remove this spearhead and turn the spearhead perpendicular to the original cut. Now drive the spearhead back into the handle an inch or so. This will make a cross cut into the handle.

The Crate Club Fishing Spear - Stab Something

Remove the spearhead and assemble into a four-point spear. The spearhead clicks together. Now align the two spearheads with your cuts and drive them inward. Once they are properly seated all you need to do is lash the paracord around the handle, near the spearhead as tightly as you can.

In the Wild

This is not a spear designed for throwing. Remember this is an improvised device and treat it as such. It’s designed for stabbing and is built as a fishing spear. However, if you can catch them it will handle small game rather well too.

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The Crate Club Fishing Spear - Stab Something

Drive the spear into the target with force and push it to the ground. Then continue to push the spear to ensure its deep enough in the animal for you to lift it from the water or ground. The Crate Club fishing spear could even be a great improvised weapon against medium-sized animals like strays and vicious dogs. Admittedly I’d rather have a gun for that personally, but shit happens.

The Crate Club Fishing Spear - Stab Something

The head is nice and heavy so driving it through water isn’t difficult, and when properly built it stay together drive after drive. I’ve built two now and neither has slipped or slid even after accidentally striking rocks or glancing off other debris. The Crate Club fishing spear is a tough, capable, and easy to pack tool that gives you the key to a hunting, fishing, and defensive weapon.


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