An odd item I received in Crate Club was the Easy Eyes Magnifier and it struck me as an odd item. However, I did quickly realize why it was added to the Crate Club. In a club where knives, fire starters, flashlights and more are the norm it was very odd to see. The box it comes in doesn’t exactly scream tactical. Admittedly I’m not going to take a building with the Easy Eyes Magnifier, but I can build or fix the weapon that will help me take that building.

The Easy Eyes Magnifier in Use

The Easy Eyes Magnifier is a tool and as a tool it’s purpose is expansive. I have good eyes, I don’t need glasses, but the magnifier makes small work much easier and it does strain the eyes less. The magnifies has several soft built-in LEDs to light up the picture in front of me as well. I like building guns and repairing them and sometimes I need extra light and a magnified view to effectively do my work. Trying to hold a flashlight in my mouth and tools in my hand is a massive pain in the ass. The Easy Eyes Magnifier makes it easy to see what I’m doing as I’m doing it.

The Easy Eyes Magnifier

The tool can range from working on projects both big and small. It can be used for art, mechanical projects, hobby work and more. It’s surprisingly handy. The LED’s are nice and bright, but the light is soft and easy to work with. It’s doesn’t create much glare on surfaces. The Easy Eyes Magnifier is designed to be mounted to a surface, but I do find it a bit easier to use when moved around and into the position I need.

The Easy Eyes Magnifier

I plan to find some way to mount this to a tripod for easy manipulation. This will make it a lot easier for building and repairing guns, milling projects, and painting D&D figurines. As it is now the Easy Eyes Magnifier is working well for me on a variety of projects. The glass is quite clear and the magnification is just perfect to see those small details. The unit is small and lightweight and perfect for the desk, the den, or even the garage.

The Easy Eyes Magnifier

This little guy punches above his weight in terms of use and it was a pleasant surprise to me. While I initially doubted the Easy Eyes I walked away quite impressed.

Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase