I don’t have a lot of experiences with Karambits and was pretty pumped when I got the opportunity to try one out. This model from Emerson Knives is their fixed blade Karambit. Emerson is well known for achieving a brilliance in the basics. Their focus is on producing quality knives, not gimmicks. The Emerson Karambit is no different.

The Emerson Karambit - First Look

Specs of the Emerson Karambit

Blade Length – 3.2 inches

Overall Length – 7.60 inches

Blade Thickness – .125

Weight – 6.4 Ounces

Handles – Black G10 Epoxy


Emerson makes a number of very cool and unique folding Karambits and I guess people really wanted a fixed blade version. The Karambit is designed to be a fighting knife. Legend has it that the karambit was designed to resemble a tiger claw, which is a very efficient design for any weapon.

The Emerson Karambit - First Look

The Emerson Karambit is a full tang design that’s surprisingly thin and nice and light. It comes with a kydex sheath equipped with my favorite belt system, the Tek Lok. The Tek Lok is a modular system designed by Blade Tech. It allows you to wear the knife vertically or horizontally, and it fits almost any belt. It can even be weaved into MOLLE.

The Grip

The grip is contoured to fit the hand, without placing overtly aggressive curves in it. The hole for your index finger is nice and wide and doesn’t constrict. It’s also remarkably smooth, and nothing catches or digs into your finger. We’ll see how it stacks up with heavy use soon enough.

The Emerson Karambit - First Look

The blade is wicked sharp and the curve is quite intimidating. I couldn’t imagine just how deep this thing could cut in a pinch. The blade is completely smooth with no serrations, which I do prefer on my knives (I’m a lazy sharpener).

I’m excited to give the Karambit A run down and a review. When possible I’m going to see just how well it will work as an EDC knife with the Tek Lok. Stay tuned for a full review coming soon.