While trends come and go in the gun world one I’ve always appreciated was the vertical foregrip. When the world transitioned over to AFGs I was still a proud VFG wielder. mostly due to a rather intense shoulder injury in my left. A VFG has always helped my support hand and arm due to the angle. From my M16A4 to my 80 lower receiver build, and beyond.  This is especially true with pump-action shotguns. I’ve found a vertical grip to be the superior option for the 12 gauge shotgun and by extension 12 gauge firearms. Finding the right right vertical grip can be tricky, but I think I found the right answer with the Ergo Mini-Max Xpress vertical grip from Ergo.

Beat 12 gauge recoil with the Ergo Mini-Max Xpress

My Mossberg Shockwave is already sporting plenty of Ergo gear. This includes the Ergo Shockwave pump, and the Ergo AR 15 adapter to attach a pistol brace and pistol grip. I like Ergo’s gear and the Mini-Max looked brilliant. It comes in three configurations. There is the M-LOK variant, the Keymod variant, and the Picatinny Rail model. I have a M-LOK pump but went with the pic model to accommodate my Magpul hand stop and the vertical grip.

Beat 12 gauge recoil with the Ergo Mini-Max Xpress

The Mini-Max is a stubby grip and is round in shape. Best of all it’s made completely of metal. This Picatinny option has a QD release lever and you can loosen and tighten the foregrip to accommodate a variety of different rails. It can also be removed without having to be slid forward or backward. This keeps you from having to remove accessories to remove your foregrip. The Mini-Max is only 3 inches long, is lightly textured, and

Why the Mini-Max Xpress Rocks on a Shotgun

The Mini-Max Xpress allows for maximum control of the gun’s pump, and for me a much more comfortable hold. With shotguns, my chosen means to control recoil is to stretch the gun. By stretch I mean you push forward on the pump and pull rearward on the stock or pistol grip. You have to fall into a pattern. Push forward, pull rearward, fire, release and pump the weapon and ready the next shot. The Mini-Max as a vertical grip allows me to maximize my ability to push the weapon forward while I pull rearward. This reduces my muzzle rise, as well as that rearward punch.

Beat 12 gauge recoil with the Ergo Mini-Max Xpress

It’s perfect on my Shockwave, which is also complete with a Gear Head Works Tailhook V2 brace. The combination of these two turns the Shockwave into a small and controllable platform. The Ergo Mini-Max Xpress vertical grip makes it easy to rack the weapon and maintain positive control of the pump.

Beat 12 gauge recoil with the Ergo Mini-Max Xpress

A weakness that’s attached to pump shotguns is the fact it takes two hands to work it. An injured off hand makes it nearly impossible to pump a shotgun. With a vertical foregrip, you can actually use it as a hook to accentuate the pump. It’s slow, but it does work and the Mini-Max excels at it.

The Mini-Max Up Close and Personal

The Mini-Max is comfortable, albeit short. I use it as a vertical grip, but the stubby design is perfect for an angled design. The Mini-Max’s metal design makes it robust and sturdy, more so than most polymer models. The recoil of a 12 gauge shouldn’t be underestimated and metal always makes me comfortable that polymer when it comes to recoil.

Beat 12 gauge recoil with the Ergo Mini-Max Xpress

The Xpress lever locks up very well and has never loosened in the middle of a day of shooting. Even after a few dozen 12 gauge rounds the Mini-Max grip keeps rocking and rolling. The Mini-Max is a rock solid verticle foregrip, and in the age of plastic the Mini-Max stands out as a rugged and dependable vertical foregrip.

Beat 12 gauge recoil with the Ergo Mini-Max Xpress

I can’t be the only one running a vert grip, so if you are still running a vertical grip let me know below and why.

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