One of my key tenets to choosing gear, any kind of gear, is just how versatile is it. This is especially true when it comes to survival gear. I like my gear to perform multiple functions. Another big tenet is how big is it and how much does it weigh? I want it to be light, and my pack’s room is limited so smaller is better. A piece of gear I recently got through my Crate Club description fits the bill perfectly. The Firewater Plus water bottle is everything I need in a piece of survival gear.

What is the Firewater Plus?

Its a water bottle, albeit a high tech water bottle. The Firewater Plus is an excellent piece of gear for real any situation. It’s perfect for EDC, for survival planning, for the gym, and more. The high tech moniker gets attached due to the fact that with the push of a button the Firewater Plus goes from being a water bottle to a lamp. The lid contains a powerful LED with three different settings.

The Firewater Plus Water Bottle

The light goes from high to low, to strobe. You cycle through the different modes via a single button. It’s cast a wide light that’s still soft and comfortable in a building or tent. It’s bright enough to light the way and to do camp work at night. It’s not harsh though and it doesn’t blind you.

The Firewater Plus Water Bottle

The light runs off a rechargeable battery. You can charge via a standard Mini USB, or even better the power of the sun. On the top of the cap is a small solar panel that will charge the LED throughout the day. On a full charge, the lamp will last 12 hours on the low setting and 5 hours on the high setting.

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The Firewater Plus Water Bottle

It Collapses?

Remember when I mentioned room savings? Well, the Firewater plus actually collapses down to a close to pocket size platform. It fits anywhere and disappears when empty. This soft rubber container is easy to store just about anywhere and well suited for survival.

The Firewater Plus Water Bottle

The Firewater Plus is a fascinating example of what bright minds can do with something as simple as a water bottle. The Firewater Plus is high tech hydration and it earned its place in Crate Club.

Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase